You Can Build An On-Site Practice With Chair Massage

business massage therapy Aug 13, 2020

  (*Massage Magazine Article August 13, 2020; Author Amy Bradley Radford)

Imagine it’s just another day at the office — remembering that even with the upheaval we’ve been through, those typical days will return.

Now imagine a typical American office worker who is confined to sitting in a chair in front of a screen all day with meetings and much to accomplish in little time. As she works through the day, her neck and upper back start to lock down from sitting for prolonged periods of time and by 3 p.m. her head starts to hurt from ongoing tension. Not to mention the eye strain that is also impacting her posture. She sits up straight, only to find herself slumped over the keyboard a few minutes later.

This is her typical workday and the impact it has on her body day after day.

Relief is on the Way

Then in a company-wide movement for stress management and wellness, a massage therapist shows up toting his massage chair. This woman impatiently watches as the therapist is led to the conference room down the hall to set up. (read more here...)


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