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Welcome to my website!
I am so glad you are here!
If you have landed on my page, you're probably a massage therapist & business owner looking for ways to find more clients, get repeat clients or to help m
ore clients in pain. 

Well, you have come to right place!
Sit back and take some time to browse through all the free goodies and options we have for you to be the most successful massage therapist that I know you can be!
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I know what it feels like to want more clients and don't know how to get them to your table....


For 30 years, I have dedicated my career to teaching and leading massage therapists to success. 


I believe in a two-part approach to creating and maintaining a successful and thriving massage therapy business:


  • Knowing how to run a business efficiently and effortlessly to be financially successful

  • Understanding and meeting client's expectations to establish repeat clients for years to come

Everything I teach provides you with the necessary strategies you need in order to build the business of your dreams as quickly as possible.

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Massage Business Bootcamp!

Are you ready to create the massage business success of you have been dreaming of?

The Massage Business Bootcamp is your training for creating a referral system that works, understanding how to get repeat clientele, and managing your business - the right way! 

This bootcamp is comprised of 3 of my most popular, tried-and-true courses combined into a 10-hour course that will launch your business! 


You could complete this course in a weekend and start (re)building your business today!

Free Resources and Classes

Amy has created 2 separate on-line training centers - one for MBM business training and one for PPS pain management training. Each site has free CE courses that you can take! Simply create an account in each one and learn how to change your business and help your clients more with advanced pain management technqiues!

"Advanced Business Strategies"
by Amy Bradley Radford

Monthly Column Writer for Massage Magazine

I have been a writer for Massage Magazine since 2016 and love being able to share so many amazing tips about business and pain management with massage therapists just like you!

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