I coach Massage Therapists to build a thriving massage practice that can support them for years to come. 

I know you have heard this: "massage therapists only make it 5 years before they move on to something else".  Why do so many therapists quit so soon into their career? Is it their body hurting, burnout, or lack of clients and money?

Are you wondering right now how you are going to make it in as a massage therapist? 

First off, I want you to know that I have been a massage therapist for over 30 years and I am proof that it is possible to not only stay at the massage table but to also create an amazing income while doing so.

I have dedicated my career to leading, teaching, and coaching massage therapists to achieve real success! 

What it really takes to get repeat clients 

I believe there are two concepts that will always build and maintain a thriving clientele for your massage therapy business.

1.  Understanding and meeting meet your client's expectations with massage.

2. Having a system in place to bring referrals to you. 

I teach you HOW to meet client expectations so that your massage skills create repeat clients, generate referrals, and creates consistency inside your schedule. This is not a new technique - it is how you approach the massage mentally and a set of specific questions.

The system to getting referrals has to do with meeting client expectations, again. When a client appreciates your service, they naturally send others to you as well as reschedule. 

Expectations are so important that I spend an entire 6 hour course teaching others how to define and incorporate these needs into their massage flow. {{Which course?}}

What it really takes to run a business efficiently and effortlessly to be financially successful:

‚ÄčLearning how to run a business from a book and running a business in real life¬†are very different.¬†¬†I teach you how to run a business specifically for massage therapy. But its even more specific than that.

My niche is teaching solopreneur massage therapists how to efficiently run all the parts of a massage business. From bookkeeping and tax strategy, to clientele management and how to increase your pricing, I want you to know how to organize and run your business and not have your business run you. I developed a course called "Maximize Your Massage Business: How to Earn $60k (or more) at the Massage Table" to take the guesswork out of being successful at the massage table and show you it is possible!

These systems I created are the things I did to help myself be successful as a solo business owner and successful massage practitioner. They are the same principles I use in my one-on-one coaching that help others succeed.

I simply want to offer you these time tested tools and strategies for your success. Building the massage business of your dreams is totally do-able with step-by-step directions and real strategies THAT WORK!


Your Massage Business!

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