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Board Certified Massage Therapist, NCBTMB Approved CE Provider, Business Coach, Writer & Advanced

Pain Management Massage Specialist

 I have been in the massage industry for 30 years and aside from my passion with helping people in pain, I enjoy helping therapists just like you be successful in business and achieving your dreams. 

To sum it all up, I am a problem solver.


Whether it is teaching you how to get more clients through your door or learning how to work better with complicated pain issues, I design programs and systems to help YOU be successful - at the table and in your bank account. That is my passion, and it motivates me every day to design more amazing tools for you!

I offer 3 options for your career success: 


I have created an easy-to-follow path to success in all aspects of owning and operating a massage or services related business with the courses I have designed in Massage Business Methods training. Courses such as "How to Earn $60,000 a Year (or more) at the Massage Table" and "Finding Success for the Massage Therapist" which teaches you how to create a referral card "system"!

I innovated a new massage method I call PPS Bodywork - which stands for Pain Patterns & Solutions. There is an online, video-based training program for massage therapists available that teaches you how to offer real and lasting help for clients with high levels of inflammation and pain. The PPS Certificate program is over 80 hours of training and worth every minute of your time! Check out the free hands on library to see how this technique works!

I offer one-on-one business coaching that can give you tools to jump start and level-up your business as quickly as possible. My ultimate goal is to help you be successful.

For more information, please send a request for coaching information at the link below:



There is much learn here and I know that I can create the difference in your journey that you are seeking. Let me help you find your Massage. Business. Success!




Emilee S, LMT

Emilee S.jpg

"My massage business and life are completely different! I have found my value and have increased my prices, set my hours where I want them to be and have the best clients now. Before, my business and income were so scattered and exhausting. Now, its amazing. I feel like I have a career in massage therapy now instead of a job. Thank you Amy!"

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