What is Pain Management Massage vs. Regular Massage?

Oct 20, 2023

As a writer for Massage Magazine, I get the wonderful opportunity to write about successful business practices for massage therapists and also get to write pieces on pain management.

These two topics are what I drive my passion for being a successful massage therapist.  Here is the latest article for the October 2023 edition. 


What differentiates pain-management massage from massage therapy?

While we can invest in hands-on skills for effective pain-management techniques, it is equally as important to learn how to understand and work with the client’s interpretation of pain, perspective and expectations—and how they impact acceptance and success of those skills.

These hands-off pieces play a huge part in how successful pain-management massage therapy is received by your client.

Just to be clear, I am not going to attempt to define the divisionary lines for different types of bodywork and create categories or classifications of massage. I’m not sure if that is realistic or necessary to attempt.

Massage in general has evolved into its own classification of a healing art form and I believe it is our vast diversity that offers us the ability to create these holistic outcomes for our clients.... (Read the rest here at massagemagazine.com)

Have a great day and get a massage!

Amy Bradley Radford




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