What Does "Pay Yourself First" Mean? (Hint: It's a Support System for Your Financial Health)

business massage therapy Jul 02, 2021

 (*Massage Magazine Article July 2, 2021; Author Amy Bradley Radford)

Learn to pay yourself first as a way of taking control of your finances—and making sure you get a regular paycheck

As if it wasn’t enough that you do everything for your massage business, including the never-ending piles of laundry, you also have to add tracking income and expenses, and managing both home and business budgets.

If you are new to the self-employment world, it is overwhelming, to say the least.

However, I have a simple system to share about how to make managing your business and personal finances easier. It involves separating your business and personal finances, and making sure you are paid first.

Separate the Two Halves of Your Financial World

The first thing I will offer you is to completely separate your business income and expenses from your personal account. This one step automatically creates the information you need to simplify many of your business bookkeeping needs. (read more here...)



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