Too Much or Not Enough? This is How to Apply Corrected Massage Pressure

business massage therapy pain management massage Oct 27, 2020

 (*Massage Magazine Article October 27, 2020; Author Amy Bradley Radford)

Corrected massage pressure is one thing that gets a client to return for another appointment with you, because he liked how he felt after the massage he received.

However, there is more to getting a client to return than just applying correct pressure. All clients have an expectation of what massage should feel like.

Do you really understand what correct pressure means in massage? One of the core issues with not succeeding in the business of massage is incorrect pressure. If you are wondering how to bring together perfect pressure and successful business, then this article may help you.

Body Memory

There is an undercurrent to all touch experiences: Touch is one of those things in life that creates a body memory. If we have had good touch, there is a record of it. If we have had bad touch, there is also a record. All touch is categorized, creating a dominant choice for how we like to be touched—and, on the part of the client, an expectation of how massage should feel. (read more here...)


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