The 3 Reasons a Client Chooses to Go to a Different Therapist (Even Though They Really Like YOU)

May 29, 2017

This week we are going to talk about something that can be a huge problem for in our massage businesses. Losing clients.

Even for therapists that have been in this field for years, we can struggle to keep our clients. The biggest problem from losing clients is that we are losing income and that stops us from being able to continue to pursue what we love; Being successfully self-employed as a Massage Therapists.

So, what makes clients choose to leave your table and find a different therapist? How can you be progressive and prevent that from happening? Hard questions – I have some answers for you.

Here are 3 of the most common complaints I have heard

Problem #1 Loss of professional boundaries, most likely, in the talking department

This is the most frequent complaint I have heard. Point blank: The therapist or relationship between the therapist and client has gotten too personal and chatty. This can become really frustrating to the client because they feel like they are paying you for you to talk about yourself instead of getting a massage from you.

Problem #2 Your level of service has dropped and the client feels it and you know it

This problem goes “hand-in-hand” with losing boundaries, talking too much, and not focusing on your client in the way they need in order to feel like the massage has value. Their first massage with you was an amazing touch experience, but somehow the more time they spend with, the more your massage has lost or loses that feeling to them.

Problem #3 No “perceived” treatment progress

Your client does not feel like the work you are doing on them is enough or is not meeting their goals or expectations anymore.

Sound familiar? If you have been a massage therapist for any length of time, you have felt these feelings from your clients or even towards your own therapist.

What can you do about these problems?

The Solutions for these 3 Common Problems

  • Solution #1 The biggest solution for “talking boundary issues” is simple. Give the conversation reins back to your client and let them set the pace. If your client wants to talk – great! I can guarantee they don’t want to talk about you – they want to talk about themselves. Let them.

If a client wants to be quiet, take the hint and be quiet. I suggest giving them verbal permission to be quiet so they can relax. Use these words: “You look like you could use a break today. I can talk with you or I can be quite and let you drift. You just let me know what works for you.”

  • Solution #2 Typically, solution #1 creates an automatic, positive change for Solution #2. Being quiet and refocused helps you do your job – BETTER! It is hard to talk and be successful with massage at the same time. Help yourself to do your best work by giving your client the ability to dictate the conversation.
  • Solution #3 Successful massage treatment isn’t always about the technique you used. It can be about making sure the clients “expectations” about the massage were met. These can be feeling and perception expectations, not just physical needs. If you steer the session back to a more professional relationship instead of too much personal information, you are better able to tune into the client’s needs for that day and will be more successful.

The question everyone asks me is how you go about the delicate business of changing the relationship with a client, meeting their needs better, and not lose them as a client in the process? There is a fine line to work with and we have answers for you.

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Amy Bradley Radford

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