The 3 Problems that Create Low Client Retention

Jun 11, 2017

You work hard to get every client you can on your table. It costs money and time to get them there. It is very important that you keep them

If you are losing even 10% of your clientele that is too much! How do you enhance your skills so that you keep as many clients as you can? How do you meet the unique expectations of each client to help them enjoy your service so much that they consistently reschedule with you?

Honestly, the best way to solve this problem is to look at it from the therapist’s perspective and then the clients’ perspective. Typically, the answers can be found in how far apart those perspectives are.

The Problems:


  • Inconsistent results

The first couple of sessions that your client had with you were amazing touch experiences. The last couple of sessions have lost their feeling of healing. How do you change that?

  • Chatty client which makes you a chatty therapist

You as the therapists don’t know how to help the sessions be more effective because there is your client wants you to talk but it is distracting to you. How do you get the talking back on track without making your client uncomfortable?

  • Time issues

Going over on your allotted massage time. We all do it. How do you change it without losing your current clientele?


  1. Have a set of question that you ask every time a client comes for a massage to make sure you are meeting their expectations FOR EACH SESSION. The reason your first couple of massage experiences with your clients is that you have a fresh evaluation to fall back on. Learn how you can quickly re-create that for each session to keep your value and skill high with 6 easy questions that take less than 5 minutes to discuss.

  2. Learn how to get consistent results using the 4-point pain or stress change – PROVE IT TO YOURSELF AND YOUR CLIENT Learn a way to “rate” the effectiveness of each massage session to know that you are taking your client down the correct path for healing – for their body! This is so empowering and gives you direction.

  3. Learn how to manage the conversation at your table AND get the effectiveness you want out of the massage time with your clients. The answer? Let them talk the whole time (it’s what they want anyways)

  4. Be one time – stay on time. It benefits both you and your client You are losing money (and getting burned out) by going over time and your sessions. How do you “back-up” without losing clients who are “expecting” the extra time for free. Look at ways to redo your fee schedule to accommodate you better.

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Amy Bradley Radford 

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