The 3 Keys to Getting Clients to Reschedule

Mar 29, 2018

The 3 Keys to Getting Clients to Reschedule

You work hard for each and every client you get to schedule with you for the first time.
You try your hardest and do you best work to showcase your skills when that first time client comes to see you.
They tell you it was a great massage – and then they don’t reschedule.
Why? Was there something you did not do correctly? Did the client want something different and didn’t tell you? What can you do?
Ask yourself this question and answer it: Why do you go back to a therapist you like?
Or even better yet! What makes you NOT go back to a therapist even if you LIKE them?
If you really think about this question, most people will return to a therapist that makes them comfortable and that they enjoy being around them. This therapist might not be the best skilled person they have been too, but they feel better after spending time with them.
Does that have anything to do with massage techniques? Nope.
(Now, if you don’t meet their expectations, that is another problem and I have a class you can take to help explain what expectations really are! Click here to check out the FREE 1 CE Hour on the Introduction to Massage Your Market with PPS Seminars).

The 3 Keys to Getting People to Reschedule

  1. Smile and be friendly but respectful

  2. Orchestrate the conversation and keep it at a good pace

  3. Ask if they want to reschedule



Its amazing what a smile will do. When you smile you cant help but make people feel comfortable and you appear happy to see your client. They feel comfortable in your presence. They feel “at-ease”.
That feeling goes a long way to laying the foundation for a re-booking.
Orchestrate the Conversation:
If any of you know me, I am huge on talking and how to do it correctly while providing a business service. You are the professional. YOU are in charge of the tone, direction, quantity, topics discussed, and just about everything else when it comes to talking with your client.
This hour is about your client (who is paying you) and not about you (or you should pay them). The conversation should not make the client uncomfortable (or you) and it should be handled just like your car, driving as carefully as possible in 5:00 PM rush-hour traffic. Take control and steer it to avoid problems.

ASK If They Want to Reschedule

This should be a no-brainer, but many feel awkward about this part. It can feel too sales-y or you don’t want to offend them by asking them to reschedule (which means your actually asking them to pay you more money for another appointment).
Your self-worth is fine. I hate to break it to you but you are just a normal, average, sensitive, massage person. That is why you’re in this field. REALLY. If you could give our service away for free and still be able to pay our bills we probably would. Most of us just want to help people. Right?
This is what I want you to understand about asking people to reschedule with you. People spend their money on what they feel has value – to them. If your service changed their outlook, helped them relax, gave them a place to just talk without worry, changed their pain levels, increased their sense of well-being, and they enjoyed it, then they are adults and can decide if they want to spend money on you again.
Don’t pre-decide for them. Just give the opportunity to make the appointment – that IS part of your job.
Next time just smile and say, “I really enjoyed getting to work with you today. Would you like to reschedule?”

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