Taking the Guesswork Out Massage by Defining Expectations

Sep 19, 2018

When someone contacts you for a massage appointment, he or she is not just looking for a “rub.”  They are actually looking for a “massage experience.”

In my years of working on people, I have observed that most people start looking for massage as a health treatment option when they are experiencing four common motivators.

  1. They have a need, defined or undefined, and they just want to “feel” different.

  2. The client has a painful area and they want it resolved.

  3. Their muscles (and mind) are tired and need “something.”

  4. They want to improve their physical performance for running, a weight lifting competition, or “fill in the blank” area of athletics.

You probably already understand this. However, do you understand how to interpret that need, convey the solution through massage, AND meet their expectations? How do you listen and then show them that they were heard? Do you really know what they want and how it is supposed to feel to them so that after the massage they feel fulfilled?

Touch Interpretations

Below I have translated what a client’s needs mean and what your potential client thinks the massage should feel like and will do for them (expectations):

  1. They are expecting to feel better and have relief in a positive/happy way (this is emotional).

  2. They are expecting to have no pain or for the pain to be gone (potentially unrealistic expectations).

  3. They are expecting to have more energy and/or relief of “pressure” (this is stress).

  4. They are expecting a goal-oriented treatment plan with specific measurable outcomes (potentially unrealistic expectations again).

None of these massage needs are the same kind of bodywork. Skills and techniques have to be adapted for each one of them. However, do you know when to adapt or how much to adapt? Learning this and the necessary tools to understand are essential to your success.

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Amy Bradley Radford 

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