Start a Massage Practice: From Massage School to Professional Touch

business massage therapy Oct 05, 2020

 (*Massage Magazine Article October 5, 2020; Author Amy Bradley Radford)

When you start a massage practice, much of the first year of your career is spent repeating and learning how to develop your skills.

At a basic level, massage school is a technical training of sorts.

To become a professional massage therapist and start a massage practice, there is a space you must fill that requires you to repeat what you were trained to do, allowing it to turn into a touch experience for you and the client.

Start a Massage Practice

Bridging the gap from massage school to a tailored touch experience takes effort and dedication. To help, first ask yourself this question: “What made me decide to go into the massage field?” The things that sparked the desire to begin this journey usually sound something like this: (read more here...)



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