Sciatica Versus Piriformis Syndrome - Which Is It, Really?

pain management massage pps bodywork Dec 26, 2022

(Massage Magazine Article December 26, 2022; Author Amy Bradley Radford)

One of the more commonly misunderstood use of terms I have observed in the massage profession is sciatica. Depending on how we are trained, what our clients tell us they have been diagnosed with, and the location of the pain the client is complaining of, many people are confused about sciatica versus piriformis syndrome.

Even as an educator, I have interchanged these terms simply due to the relationship of the anatomical location of the hip, piriformis and sciatic nerve.

However, it is important to understand the difference between these two pain issues. This distinction lies in what is putting pressure on the sciatic nerve and the location in which the pain is originating. (read more here...)



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