MTs Ask: What Are Exact Steps I Can Take to Raise Fees?

business massage therapy Aug 27, 2021

 (*Massage Magazine Article August 27, 2021; Author Amy Bradley Radford)

You want to raise fees for your massage sessions, but you don’t want to lose clients. If you are providing a solid, valued service and you have put the time into growing your clientele and business, you are perfectly entitled to raise your rates.

“How exactly do I raise fees?” This is the primary question I am asked when massage therapists seek out my expertise and experience for business coaching.

Experience has taught me that when my clients use the word “how,” it is not specifically about the steps to increasing their hourly fees, or rates. What most are referring to is the fear they are feeling about losing clients if they raise their rates.

What they are really asking is how to keep their clients when they raise their fees. (read more here...)



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