How to Maximize Your Massage Business

Nov 16, 2022

Maximize Your Massage Business

A few years ago, I was teaching a weekend seminar in PPS Pain Management Massage Techniques and just after lunch one of the therapists had some questions for me about how to run a massage business successfully. One questions turned into 5 and before I knew it we were 45 minutes into our class talking about how to get more referrals, ways to schedule repeat clients, and how to earn more money at the massage table.

From that experience, I realized that while there were many classes on how to run a business or develop a marketing strategy, there was a disconnect between the “how” and the reality of a high-functioning business.

I also realized that even when therapists became successful in their business, they didn’t feel confident with how to raise prices or move forward with their career. That is how the MYMB Course (Maximize Your Massage Business) and coaching groups came to be.

After being in this business for 30 years, I have a perspective that I enjoy sharing with those who are just entering the field of massage or looking to grow within their own buy business. My goal is to teach you to how to be successful much faster than I learned by trial and error!

The concept behind maximizing your business means that you take the limited hours that you know you can physically work at the table and expand your ability to make more within that one hour. This concept is also about how you take your business and grow into achieving a higher take-home income. The full title of this course is “Maximize Your Massage Business: How to Earn $60,000 or More at the Massage Table”. (As a plus, it is approved for 3 CE Hours through the NCBTMB)

This course is divided into 3 sections where you learn how to design your business to meet your personal life.

  1. Section #1 The Math of Business: Making Your Schedule and Budget Match

  2. Section #2 Managing Your Clientele

  3. Section #3 How to Increase Your Hourly Rate

Within each of these section, there are so many answers to the questions or even the fears that you have about making changes that could impact your business. Which if you read between the lines, that means that you will lose clients if you change anything! Below are some of the topics we cover in section #2 – just to ease your mind a little bit:

  1. The fear of making changes and losing clients.

  2. Appointments and client behavior when applied to the theory of supply and demand.

  3. Client exchange and changes.

  4. How to find more clients FAST.

  5. Referral cards for current clients.

  6. Inviting new people to your table.

Does this sound like where you are at in your business?

These questions and fears are what hold many therapists back from realizing their potential and value in their own businesses. As the price of the world around us increases, so should your services. Without having the knowledge and tools to create these positive changes in your practice it can create feelings of frustration and set the stage for burnout

Knowing how to apply the principles of Maximizing Your Massage Business can be a game changer for you and the future of your business.

For even more tools in building your business, check out the Massage Business Methods Memberships Training 

Have a great day and get a massage!

Amy Bradley Radford 

Blog + Massage + Business = Success!

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