How to Create a Positive Impact to Your Massage Business EVERY WEEK!

Jun 15, 2018

Do you want to increase the number of scheduled clients you have? Do you want to become re-inspired to be self-employed? Are you struggling with moving forward with your business? Do you feel mentally burned out?

Having been self-employed for 25 years (and counting), I believe there is one solution for all these feelings and it is very simple.

Start investing time in yourself by learning something new.

Watch and Learn

I like to see what makes people become successful in business and I can tell you that there is a theme that I keep finding every time I start observing their behavioral patterns.

Successful business people never stop learning.

These people have become aware of the power of constant learning. Learning has the ability to change a negative focus to a positive one and is the key to preventing burnout. They will also tell you that learning builds and keeps your momentum high for when you are putting time into a new business or needing to bring some life to an old one. It is where they find the ability to strive and continually move forward.

I love to talk with successful business people who are excited about their companies. Just being in their presence makes me want to do better. Their optimism and positive attitude is infectious! (You can find these successful people easily – they all over the internet and in your community).

Being a continuing education provider and teacher (and someone who likes to learn something new ALL THE TIME) who pushes people to learn new things, I have heard every excuse people use to deny themselves training. Here are the top 3 reasons people tell me they can’t (or wont) train more.

I don’t have time to train – I am so busy!

 How do I find the time to train or learn? I don’t find it – I make it. The amount of time you put into learning doesn’t have to be something profound like going for a bachelor’s degree. You just need to follow through with it and learn SOMETHING. Once you complete just some small measure of personal improvement, you will see how it changes your life in a positive way.

My suggestion? JUST DO IT!

It costs too much to take classes and learn more.

In today’s world, information is king and so much of it is FREE.

You don’t have to belong to an expensive and intensive training program to inspire your mind. You just need to figure out a question or identify a problem you want to solve and go seek for an answer. Simple.

We also have entered the world of membership programs that charge minimal monthly fees for access to entire programs of information that used to cost thousands of dollars to take with weekend seminars, These programs have extremely valuable information that are packaged in very affordable ways.

I run two online training centers - one for business and one for pain management massage training. It just makes so much more sense for how people want to learn in today’s world. Most people who come to my training center want a specific answer NOW and the ability to find more when they need it. Having this type of information literally at your fingertips (massage pun there) is empowering.

Check out Massage Business Methods and PPS Seminars.

If you need more motivation, increased personal awareness, or maybe want to learn about buyers behaviors, there are so many different things you can listen to on YouTube. I think you will find that you once you start consuming information this way you willingly start putting in 3 or 4 hours a week because of how this information makes you feel better about YOU and running YOUR business.

The best part? It is so inspiring to think differently! Just changing the way you think automatically changes how you act. When you begin to change your actions, amazing things start to happen in your life and business. 

I finished massage school. Why do I need to take more training?

Really? This is my favorite. Let’s blow this one out of the water.

 Its obvious. The feeling and massage result from the second therapist is probably going to be more positive than the first therapist. The second therapist is likely to be more motivated for change and will invest more effort, time, and skill on your behalf. The first therapist might possibly just be counting down the hours until they can go home.

I want a massage from the second therapist, not because of their diploma, but because of their willingness to invest their knowledge in me to help me and to achieve better health. Just as I am investing in them with my money and my time by receiving a massage from them. It has a more equal feeling of exchange and value similarity. Those feeling make people return to you for more massage therapy.

The bottom line:

To stay in this business and most other businesses for the long run, you must find ways to continually motivate yourself. Any kind of self-improvement or learning about something new is one powerful way to find motivation.

 Try learning something new for just 1 hour a week and watch your enthusiasm and business grow.

Have a great day and get a massage!

Amy Bradley Radford

Blog + Massage + Business = Success!

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