How Do You Find Success as a Massage Therapist?

Mar 14, 2019

When you are just starting out in massage, you have this vision of success that you are striving towards. That place has a secure feeling in your mind.

It is the place where your schedule is full of paying clients.

It is the place of financial freedom and achievement. It is an accomplishment to get to this place in any career where you are so busy that you actually can’t take more clients.

Some of you wonder if that is really possible. If you have been working at this vision for awhile and you still are struggling, I have a few suggestions for you.

These are the same solutions that I figured out to help me achieve the same thing – that full schedule!

As much as we would all like a simple answer, success is not one, but a series of answers that always work together. Like a formula. The pieces that have to be addressed or learned are:

  1. Having a successful referral program in place that works for you – I have a system to share with you that works in such a way that you can turn it on and turn it off as needed to fill your schedule. I came across it accidentally.

  2. An understanding of what clients really want from massage, a method of acquiring that information, and a way to translate that information into a “touch experience”. I’ll give you a hint -it’s not the name of a technique. It’s a feeling that massage gives them. If you can understand what they want and give them that feeling, then you have a repeat clientele.

  3. Having a few new massage tools that allow you to more effectively deal with pain issues. Believe me. Those people that receive real relief from your therapy will be your biggest referring clients. I have a program that shows you how to work with the most common Trigger Points in the back so successfully you will wonder why you didn’t know these tools in school. They also save your hands and body. They are easy and make a profound change. I call them 10-minute solutions, techniques you can just interject into your massage flow, change the muscles, and go back to your regular flow.

Inside the PPS training program, I have 3 classes that address each of these topics in their category:

  1. MBM Referral Card Class: Finding Success for the Massage Therapist 1 CE Hour

  2. Massage Your Market: Defining Your Client’s Expectations 6 CE Hours

  3. Pain Patterns and Solutions (PPS) Basics Course 8 CE Hours

So how do all these skills create a success formula?

It is all about the client experience. If you have been trying to learn all these new techniques to enhance what you offer your clients that’s great. But if these skills don’t enhance the clients experience then how do you enhance the client’s experience and create a wow factor?

Every client that walks through your door wants to leave feeling a certain way. You can give each client a massage with the best of your knowledge and skills. However, if you did not meet their expectations using that knowledge and skill, then the massage will not be what the client wants.

It is the missing ingredient in your success formula. After you take the class on expectations, you will never touch any client the same, but you wouldn’t have changed your technique at all. It is that powerful of a class. I call it a technique and business class that has nothing to do with learning a new massage skill.

These classes can be found in 2 separate locations:  

We will see you in class!

Amy Bradley Radford

Blog + Massage + Business = Success!

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