Harness the Power of the Hour! Create Financial Reliability with 60-Minute Appointments

business massage therapy Oct 22, 2021

 (*Massage Magazine Article October 22, 2021; Author Amy Bradley Radford)

In this article, we are going to discuss how to create financial reliability in your business and budget by using more 60-minute scheduled appointments.

This in no way implies that the 30-, 45-, 90- or 120-minute appointments are less worthy of your time. Rather, this is a discussion on what it looks like when you set up your schedule in a way that creates a more solid fixed rate of income.

What is meant by financial reliability?

While having a menu with a variety of appointment time options can fit the needs of your clientele, that variety can also make it difficult for you to budget each week or month due to a wider range of income based on what your clients are scheduling. (read more here....)



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