Getting A Massage Shouldn't Be A One Time Thing. Here's How To Convince Your Clients To Re-Book With You

business Apr 01, 2020

 (*Massage Magazine Article March 13, 2020; Author Amy Bradley Radford)

 Even with the information overload of today’s world, many people are not aware of all the different benefits of getting a massage. It has become even more important to take the time to educate our current and potential clients on the benefits of massage therapy and how regular sessions have the greatest impact on one’s health.

Some clients accept this very willingly and put in the time and financial investment to care for themselves, allowing their body the time to heal from session to session.

Getting a Massage Won’t “Fix” the Client

Some clients want to be “fixed” in one or two sessions. This expectation of such impressive results is merely a lack of education on how natural healing works. In a world where the expectation for everything you want is instant, it can be difficult to help people understand natural healing and the importance of being patient while the process works. (read more here....)


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