Do You Go Over In Sessions?? This Is Why Time Boundaries Are An Act of Self-Care

business massage therapy Apr 07, 2022

 (Massage Magazine Column: "Advanced Business Strategies" April 7, 2022; Author Amy Bradley Radford)

Does this sound familiar? Toward the beginning of your career, a client came in with more work than you had time scheduled for. As the time progressed inside the session, you knew you needed a few more minutes to effectively help this person.

At this point, you choose to go over on the session by five, seven or 10 minutes to make sure you helped this person as much as you could. While the extra effort did prove effective, it pushed you up against your next scheduled client. However, you managed to keep your schedule moving and this client was appreciative of your extra time.

Then for some reason, every time that specific client came in, they needed extra time to create the relief they needed. You found yourself giving more time in the session even though it wasn’t scheduled. (read more here....)



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