Advanced Business Strategies: Take Control of Your Email

business massage therapy Jan 28, 2022

 (*Massage Magazine Column: "Advanced Business Strategies" January 28, 2022; Author Amy Bradley Radford)

As a business coach for massage therapists, I find myself working the most with solopreneurs who are well-established with clients but searching for business solutions to take the next steps in business.

When you are busy with massage, you almost have to create the time needed to work on your business and push it forward. Whether increasing rates, bringing additional income streams into your business or employing other therapists, finding the energy and ability to expand into something more can feel overwhelming.

Welcome to our year together in advanced business strategies. Over the course of 2022, I will offer you month-by-month strategies to process through to the next big step to assist you in your business success. This month’s column topic will help you establish a new way to manage an aspect of your life and business that is probably siphoning off some much-needed mental energy from you—and therefore not allowing you to move forward to other beneficial goals. (read more here...)



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