Advanced Business Strategies: Get The Referral (3 Things to Never Do)

business massage therapy Dec 18, 2023

(Massage Magazine Column: "Advanced Business Strategies" December 18, 2023; Author Amy Bradley Radford)

Running a successful massage business requires you to have positive habits in place that perpetuate your business for you, habits you consistently maintain to keep the health of your practice elevated. But what about the opposite of these positive habits—habits that negatively impact your business and your new-client referrals?

Here are three habits you should quit immediately for the sake of getting those referrals:

1. Frequently Cancel Massage Appointments

This is the number-one rule of a service business that is often broken and impacts past, present and future clients. Clients will understand the need for occasional cancelling and rescheduling for personal reasons, such as illness or having sick children. However, if you find yourself rescheduling frequently for any variety of personal reasons or simple whim, clients will stop scheduling and referring. (read more here...)



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