Advanced Business Strategies: Business Momentum

business massage therapy Feb 24, 2023

(Massage Magazine Column: "Advanced Business Strategies" February 24, 2023; Author Amy Bradley Radford)

A wise person once told me there is no middle ground to business. The momentum of a business never stops. You and your business are always in motion; always moving. Whether this motion is forward or backward is your decision based upon your actions. If you want to change your business momentum—and the future and success of your business—then you must change your actions.

Simply put, there are two directions a business can move in: success and failure.

I know, for myself, that once I understood the backward motion of failure it became the greatest motivator for the Forward momentum of success. However, time also taught me that I had to learn how to continue that forward motion in a positive way to encourage success to continue for myself.

Make the Choice of Success

One of the first principles of sales is that if you create two offers for people to choose from, they will choose one of them, even if only in their mind. That is when “the sell” takes root and begins. (read more here...)



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