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Jane, Employer for Massage Therapists Idaho


"Amy has been my business coach since I opened my business in 2016. Her knowledge, support, and guidance has been the key to my success.


From bookkeeping and numbers, handbooks and colleagues, relationships and communication, questions and dilemmas, and most importantly proper business practices!


This coaching is truly the best thing I have done for myself and for my business. 


Thank you Amy!”

Rita, LMT Idaho

Rita c.jpg

It took me a bit to follow Amy's coaching advice but when I finally found the nerve to change my prices, I couldn't believe the relief I felt. Now I work 40% less and make the same income. Trust me - she is worth her weight in gold. She helped me so much!

Marci, LMT Idaho

Marci H.jpg

"I have been using PPS techniques on my clients for 5 years.  I have seen amazing results time after time.  I love to have a new client come in and have them walk out and be able to feel some sort of difference immediately.    To have a client say, 'I have suffered with that pain over 20 years and have tried many therapies with no results.  After one session with PPS work the pain is half as noticeable.  Thank  You,' is all the convincing I need to be grateful for the amazing knowledge I have been taught."

Danielle, LMT, Idaho

Danielle d.jpg

Amy is such an amazing coach! In our first session, she walked me through how to set my schedule and income together and it is like this weight has been lifted off my shoulders! I have control over my business, healthy boundaries with my clients, and the income I was wanting to create with my massage business. I recommend any teaching she offers. I’m ALL IN! and working with her has created my success!

Deb, LMT Montana

Spa Massage

“I am learning so much important information, anyone who is serious about their massage practice and wants to help people stuck in pain patterns needs to learn PPS bodywork.”

Emilee, LMT Idaho

Emilee S.jpg

My massage business and life are completely different! I have found my value and have increased my prices, set my hours where I want them to be and have the best clients now. Before, my business and income were so scattered and exhausting. Now, its amazing. I feel like I have a career in massage therapy now instead of a job. Thank you Amy!

- Dawna, LMT Idaho

I had been a therapist for 5 years and was not getting the return rate I was hoping for. I attended the Massage Your Market Class (Defining Client Expectations). There were several “Aha!” moments that created a road map to achieve my goals.


That one class made significant increases in client retention and income with simple changes! I work in a co-op and my fellow therapists even noticed the difference. They have come to me asking how to increase client rescheduling and I simple recommend this class. It is amazing!

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