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What REALLY is Defining Expectations?


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This class is a business, rapport, assessment, paperwork, pressure techniques, goal setting, organization, unique requirements, “cover your butt” legally, communications, selling and marketing, research for client success, how to apply the massage “correctly”, all rolled into 1 manual.

Massage Therapists – How many times have you asked yourself?

• I am not really sure what to do for this person. • I don’t know how to do what this client asked me to do. • Why did they not reschedule with me? • What should I have done differently? • How do I get my clients to be repeat clients that refer to me?


If you are asking yourself these questions and doubting your skills, then it is time for “Defining Expectations”.

Why do you NEED to take Defining Expectations?

This is the class that every therapist should have at the beginning of their training!

Defining Expectations is an innovative class about using good, old fashioned paperwork – with a twist- to help you “see” people differently. In this class, you learn 6 very important questions that every client should answer for you. These 6 questions teach you how this person wants to be touched and what the outcome needs to be for them to be satisfied with your work.

Watch this video from our live class.


Defining Expectations is what seasoned and successful therapist learned to understand.

Massage is an art form. Touch has personal preferences. How do you blend your art with the client’s preferences in such a way that the massage you offer for each person is different but exactly what that they wanted? You have to have either the experience or the tools (or both) to understand what each persons’ unique needs are.

I have been a therapist for 24 years, and I can tell you that it took me 5 years of trying to build a business before I ever started to get understand some of this. Now, you can learn what took me a long time in this unique class. There is not another class out there like this.

One of the biggest reasons is that massage therapists have to “get a feel” for what I am talking about. In this class, I teach to feel what the client is “saying” and also teach you what the client wants – from their perspective. There are many eye opening and some confirming moments in this training.

This training helps you make more sense of the silent language of touch that you are trying to earn a living at doing. There are things to learn in Defining Expectation that can really create positive change in your practice.

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What is “Defining Expectations?”

To sign up for the next course or to take a home-study version of this class click the link below!

Get 20% off this class ONLINE ONLY! Use coupon code: DEFINE20

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