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What is “Defining Expectations?”

Let’s set the scene:

You (a massage therapist) need some great body work because you have been working too much lately and not taking care of yourself enough. Again. You have several things you need addressed in a massage session:

• You are energetically depleted from working on people – it just happens. • Your neck, back, shoulders, arms and hands are hurting most days from overuse. • You’re not just sore; you are in pain and need relief. • You only have an hour but really need an hour and ½ but you don’t have the time. • The person you usually trade with isn’t “cutting it” so you are quietly looking for someone else and would rather pay than trade because maybe it’s the non-payment aspect of the trade that is affecting the therapy you are getting. You are not sure but you know you need something “more” and you don’t know how to get what you need for therapy. • You are tired and want to be taken care of – preferably you would like someone to work on you like you work on others but can’t seem to find it…..(Do you want me to keep going?)

Think about it. If you, as a Massage Therapist, ever had a massage that was “less than” what you had wanted did you go back to that person? Most likely not -because what you had hoped for and what you received did not match up. Your expectations were not met. Our clients are no different.

Massage therapist are really touch artists. We take information said (and not said), use our skills for touch, add in a dash of intuition, deep tissue here, effleurage there, and stick to an hour time limit and HOPE we gave the person what they wanted. Sometimes it works – but sometimes it doesn’t. There is nothing more frustrating than trying your hardest for clients only to find out it wasn’t quite right for them.

What if I told you there is a better way to work than “guess-massaging”?

Seasoned therapists that have been in this business for 10 years or more can tell you that being successful in massage does require skill but more importantly it requires figuring out what your client REALLY wants and working with that. They can’t explain to you how they do it, but they tell you it is “something” they just figured out. These therapists unknowingly learned how to do what I call “define expectations”.

I have been a therapist for 23 years and have worked in different clinic settings. If there is one thing I learned from those experiences it was how to bridge the gap between what the client wants and what the therapist does. Based on the things I observed and learned (and through A LOT of trial and error) I have compiled a manual and developed a Health History Intake Form that gives YOU the bridge to work for your practice.

“Defining Expectations” is basically a class for S.O.A.P. charting and client record keeping with 1 REALLY big discerning factor. Advanced Subjective Assessment- using your intake paperwork.

From this class you can walk away with: 1. A combination of 6 amazing and simple steps that you can complete in less than 2 minutes to REALLY understand what your client is “expecting” from massage – before you start! 2. A Health History form that you can use “as is” or use it to generate one for your business. 3. A refresher on how to document SOAP – Subjective, Objective, Assessment and Plan 4. And… Advanced Assessment for client retention

The 6 steps you learn as part of your intake process become so valuable to you because clients who have their expectations met are more likely to become repeat clients and that helps your business grow.

Please join us for this fun and informative class –“Defining Expectations”: • Rexburg, ID on Friday July 31st • Pocatello, ID on Saturday August 1st. • Only $69.00 for all this great information!

Both classes are from 9:00 AM -4:00 PM (1 hour break for lunch) and you will receive 6 CE hours for these classes that count toward your licensing requirements for Idaho and your continuing education requirements for Board Certification or for you insurance needs for AMTA or ABMP.

This class can also be taken on-line at starting July 15th, 2015. Any questions? Send us an email at

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