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This Could Be YOUR Massage Business Success Story

Have you ever wondered how some people made it in their massage business?

What if you could ask them what a typical day looked like as they were building their business just so you could understand what they did to be successful?

Would that feel like the road map you are trying to find?

In today’s Massage Business Methods Success Story, I would like to introduce you to Rachel Peterson of Salt Lake City, Utah. The remarkable thing about Rachel’s success is that she built her massage practice from the ground up in 60 days.

How did she do that in 2 months?

She tells you all about that in her story inside this webinar. She walked door to door, met other business owners/people and offered to promote their business and in turn they promoted hers. She pushed through the self-doubt and worry every day for 60 days straight and came out on top, filling her massage schedule with enough people to launch her clientele to support herself.

The reason why I wanted to interview Rachel is that she IS NOT one of my professional students and the principles she used to become successful are the same universal concepts about business that I teach and preach to all the time.

These are things like a step-by-step process for building a referral network with the incentive built in to get people to talk about you (Finding Success for the Massage Therapist). And how to give a massage in such a way that the client is ready to reschedule you before you even ask (Massage Your Market: Defining Your Client’s Expectations) and more!

The thing I wanted to really point out to you is that Rachel took all the components of building and running a successful massage business and “ultra” worked them, getting an amazing result from her effort.

Imagine what you could do if you knew what you needed to do and just started using the same components a little bit every day? The result is that you build your practice and you succeed. You just have to work them – AND I know you can do it!

Check out this webinar interview and listen to Rachel’s story of drive and self-made success and make sure to see my special offer at the bottom of this page!

But wait!

Are you wanting (NEEDING) success in your massage business but don’t know where to start? Do you feel like if you could just find a mentor and coach you could succeed? How would you like some sound business and client advice from someone who has been in the massage therapy industry for over 25 years?

I would like to personally invite you to join this amazing membership program called “Maximize Your Massage Business: Learn how to Earn $60 K at the Massage Table” where you get:

  1. The Finding Success for the Massage Therapists; proven referral building system!

  2. The Massage Your Market concepts about how 6 simple questions help you to design each client’s massage so that they want to reschedule the minute they get off your table!

  3. Bimonthly coaching with the Maximize Your Massage Business Group

  4. Unlimited email access with your coach, Amy Radford, to answer your questions about business or clients.

  5. Professional Level Membership inside our all on-line training center

  6. Access to unlimited information about business questions specifically for massage professionals

  7. Pain Management tips and success techniques with Pain Patterns and Solutions Bodywork

  8. PLUS! FREE Ethics classes and over 80 CE Hours are included with your membership. Need CE Hours? Solved!

Let’s make this next year of business your best year yet!

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