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Self HELP!! 1 NEW Technique to Prevent Wrist, Shoulder, and Neck Pain for the Massage Therapists

Any person who has a hand-intensive job: massage therapist, hairstylist, nail technician, contractor, mechanic, secretary, computer programmer… We all have one thing in common. We use our hands for our job and preventing syndromes such as carpal tunnel or neck issues is a primary concern in our minds.

Here at PPS Seminars we have a new and unique self-help technique that has benefits to preventing those problems.

It is called Ulna Scar Tissue work.

Believe it or not, I want you to scape gently and firmly down that bone. What you will feel is a series of speed bumps” on top of that bone. That is Scar Tissue.

Scar Tissue Forms for Strength but Also to Maintain an Optimum State of Balance

You have not necessarily injured yourself here, but repetitive motions create the need for backup support. When the body senses that this area is used more than others, it lays down “strength” to assist with required demand and use. The tissue the body uses for strength is Scar Tissue. It is the universal tissue for repair and for maintaining balance. Any area of the body that is used more than other will, at some point, become unbalanced from the areas around it.

The tricky part is, if you continue to do a repetitive motion then you will continue to build Scar Tissue for balance. This Scar Tissue becomes very thick and at some point, will begin to create imbalance in other places as well.

This work is actually a preventative application on your part. It is extremely helpful to break this tissue down on a regular basis in order to avoid an “over-balancing” of Scar Tissue. You will only be breaking down Scar Tissue to the point where you neck, shoulders, and wrists feel relief or you feel the area just starting to become tender. You don’t overwork the area until it is bruised and tender to the touch.

In our FREE Webinar, we are going to talk about: • Forearm Scar Tissue- what it is and how it comes to be on the Ulna bone • Watch our video on how to work on top of the bone correctly

This is a great time to know start to understand that Scar Tissue is EVERYWHERE just like this Ulna work we are learning about. The fun thing is that Scar Tissue is predictable. Just like the body builds Scar Tissue for repetitive motions for the arm, it will also build Scar Tissue in other areas for different reasons of support. This idea and teaching is the whole basis of PPS Seminars.

We have a great video to show you on how to do this work on yourself. To have the opportunity to view this video, just register at the link below. We will be presenting the hands-on video on Monday, July 17, 2017 during this short, FREE Webinar!

Register in advance for this meeting:

Please join us and learn how to take better care of your arms, wrists and hands for the rest of your career!

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