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Referral Systems ARE Finding Success for the Massage Therapist Who Wants to Succeed

This blog pertains to the flier included in the book I wrote titled: Finding Success for the Massage Therapist Who Wants To Succeed.

Using all the elements that I knew did work (for obtaining new clients), I typed up a flier and put it on a brightly colored cardstock. I gave the flier and some of my business cards with the referral area on the back to 10 motivating people in whom I felt certain would spread the word about me.

If I didn’t know the person and they were not already a current client, I offered these enthused future clients a free massage with me – just schedule and it’s yours. I also showed them the flier at the same time that offered an opportunity to have more free massage that could be earned by referring new people to me. I knew who the referring client was from them writing their name on the back of the business cards I provided.

The actual flier is as follows: (at the end of this blog post is a PDF of what this flier actually looks like – this is just a text view of the flier – it looks way different just look at the PDF)


If you said “yes” than have I got a great and easy opportunity for you!

Call me today and schedule your free massage. If you really like my services and want more free sessions, then here is how it works. I have provided you with some business cards that you can write your name on the back.

Hand out those cards to people you know and for every card that comes back to me as a scheduled massage, I’ll give you a Free ½ hour session ($25.00 value).

If two of those cards come back than I’ll give you a Free 1 hour massage session ($50.00 value)

Plus, that card is also good for $10.00 off the first massage for the person you gave it to.

Free for you- $10 off for them. It’s a win-win for everyone!

These cards can go to anyone, like members of your family – your wife, husband, mother, father, sisters, brothers, grandma, aunts, uncles, and cousins. If this card is given to your wife/husband, it can save bundles for your wallet and get the massage that benefits you so much! (Co-workers, neighbors and friends need it too.)

This is an opportunity you really can’t pass up!

Call today to schedule your FREE massage and start getting more FREE massage!

“Have a great day and get a massage!” Amy Bradley Radford – Massage Therapist Specializing in Pain Management (phone #) (Address)

The business card referred to the back of my business card that had a space for the client to write their name in. When that card came back to me I rewarded that client. For more information about this manual (e-book only) check out “Finding Success for the Massage Therapist Who Wants to Succeed” on, Barnes and Noble, Google, Sony and others.

Good luck in your business!

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