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Paperwork and Massage Therapy

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Those 2 statements don’t seem to go together. It would almost seem that I was talking about bi-polar opposite like oil and water. Many of those drawn to this field have the heart and soul of an artist; the healer of bodies, minds and souls. It feels like if you try to take away from the freedom and creative element of massage that you lose what massage is all about.

While there is an artistic side to our profession, you have to decide which side of the art you wish to be on. The successful artist who has business sense or the starving artist dedicated to only the expression of that art.

Believe it or not, success in this field not only comes from how you work with your hands, but how you record what you did in each session and the paperwork that runs your office. Success truly is found in your paperwork and how you work with it.

I have spoken to many therapists over the lifetime of my career- from students and new start up business therapists to seasoned veteran therapist of 20 + years. Those who started out and remained successful are the ones who treated this career as a profession. They treated it like a business when they should and an art when they should.

In order to see success with your work and to create progress with your clients, you have to be able to chart that progress and learn from it. You see this principle in any arena in the health care field from medical offices to physical therapists. All these professions keep documented records of what they did, what was found, treatment applied, and the effectiveness of that treatment.

Whether your client just wants you to “repeat what you did last time” in their massage (and you can’t remember) or you are trying to create a positive corrective change in damaged tissues, you need paperwork to help you remember what you did AND see progress in treatment.

Defining Expectations is actually a SOAP charting and paperwork class but it has a more artistic approach to it – something all massage therapists seem to appreciate. We learn the basics to paperwork but I help you learn to “read between the lines”.

In this class you are provided with and learn:

1. Health History forms – that you use for learning and can utilize in your practice if you don’t already have these forms established.

2. A short review on SOAP and how to chart – effectively.

3. Advanced Subjective Assessment – something you have not learned before! Learn 6 questions that are on your form that when you combine the answers it shows you what the client really wants from their session (expectations).

4. How to understand the real difference between Relaxation Massage, Stress Reduction Massage and Pain Reduction Massage. These are all different kinds of massage and you learn how to change your PRESSURE and APPLICATION to meet the expectation of the client. You don’t have to learn a new technique you just learn how to adapt it!

5. Define your client’s needs but also their expectations – these are the important things that if you can figure out how to meet them your clients want to COME BACK.

And more… This is the class I wish I had been able to take when I finished massage school. It is assessment but goes much deeper to understanding and having a good base to start the massage out right and to get clients to be repeat clients.

Please join us for this fun and informative class –“Defining Expectations”: • Rexburg, ID on Friday July 31st • Pocatello, ID on Saturday August 1st. • Only $69.00 for all this great information! • Approved provider ##450454-07

Both classes are from 9:00 AM -4:00 PM (1 hour break for lunch) and you will receive 6 CE hours for these classes that count toward your licensing requirements for Idaho and your continuing education requirements for Board Certification or for you insurance needs for AMTA or ABMP.

This class can also be taken on-line at Request a class in your area – email

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