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Massage Business Methods …Begins

Welcome to my blog. My name is Amy Bradley Radford and I have been a Massage Therapists since 1993 and massage educator since 1995. I decided to put this blog together to help others in this hands-on profession learn some hands-on tricks of the trade – a ‘la Amy.

I love massage. I love the business of massage. My day begins each day at the table, working on the people that have become important to me in many ways. I touch bodies for a living and try to help people simply through my hands – my mind and heart. But our jobs aren’t just simply touching and that’s it. There is so much more that goes into this profession we call Massage Therapy. Behind it all, you work for yourself and hopefully your a good employee…..

I am a business person pursuing an art form or perhaps an artists trying to run a business. It depends on the day. I find it hard to separate the two or fully focus on the 2 at the same time. Such a unique but familiar situation for many of you. Over the years I have tried to come up with ways of dealing with both so that I could be successful, in touch and in business. Those routines, thoughts, ideas, practices, and ways of combining it all create our methods – The Business Methods – and the possibilities to success are unlimited.

But if you’re like me, someone has to draw me a picture, show me the way, and basically “take my hand(s)” and show me what to do. I would like to do that for you because it is just part of what I really enjoy doing. Teaching and learning, learning and teaching.

I look so forward to sharing each bit and piece with each of you. And I also look forward to reaching out and touching in a different but all familiar way through this blog.

This is going to be fun!

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