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Are You Struggling in Your Massage Business?

I wanted to speak from the heart with you for a minute.

Do you know what I hate to see happen in the massage industry? Amazing therapists, just like you, who give up on your business and quit because you don’t know how to get and keep enough clients to earn a living at massage therapy.

Is this you? Are you sinking in despair, feeling like you aren’t going to make it, want to quit or give up because it is just too damn hard. You need money (today), you need clients (today), and you need to know that not only can you pay your bills next month but that your business is supporting you.

Do you know how I know all this about you? I have been there, and I know exactly what you are going through.

Working for yourself can be just as much of a mental challenge as the physical challenge is when you are a massage therapist.

But do you want to know a secret? It is completely normal to go through all of these emotions when working for yourself. In fact, you could be going through all those hard emotions right now and that one client you helped today makes you want to continue because you simply love what you do and how massage makes such a difference for those you touch.

But how do you get to that place where the worry stops, and you have momentum forward?

What I want to offer you right now is a lifeline; some hope that you can create stability for yourself in your business and life. I want to offer you the same things that I learned that built my own massage practice – but faster.

I have a class that I offer inside my Massage Business Methods program that teaches you to create the solid stability you are looking for. Get consistent clients, high rescheduling rates, referrals flooding through your doors, and people who simply love the massage therapy you offer and keep coming back for more.

Does that sound too good to be true? It’s not. It’s exactly what you want, and you are looking for how to get there. I know. I developed the training that I wish someone would have provided for me when I started out and felt the same way. It does not have to be so hard. You can be successful, and you can get there faster than you think you can.

After 30 years of being at the massage table, there is a “simple but specific” formula for success as a massage therapist that involves learning how to meet and exceed client expectations. Once you learn and develop the skills of how to meet expectations, all those other pieces fall into place.

I have had therapists take this class that have told me that even just listening to what it means to meet client expectations, they were able to change a few things in how they approached their session and started rescheduling almost every client. And then those clients sent in everyone they knew because they were so happy with the service. It can happen for you to and this class teaches you how.

Once you understand how to meet expectations, clients request to reschedule before you can even ask if they want to come back. They ask for business cards to hand to people they know, and those people come to you because of the rave review their friend gave them. You can become so busy you cannot fit even one more person into your schedule and start turning people away. Your dream of running a successful business becomes a reality.

Are you ready to learn how to meet client expectations and pack your schedule?

This class is called Massage Your Market and it is a 6-hour training course that I designed specifically for massage therapists to teach you how to meet the massage expectations of clients.

Inside the class you learn about:

  1. The 6 most important questions to ask a client BEFORE giving them a massage that allows you design the massage flow that the client is wanting but maybe doesn’t know how to tell you.

  2. The importance of correct pressure and how to REALLY offer the pressure your client is wanting.

  3. The importance of designing the full flow and why it is so important to review it with your client before you start the massage.

  4. How to know if your client is scared or frustrated from past massage work and how their past touch experience can set you for failure if you don’t know how to read the situation correctly.

  5. How to work better with pain and inflammation and teach your client how to increase their frequency of treatment for success (get your client to understand how to help themselves).

  6. The 6-question paperwork that you can use in your own practice to teach you how to understand expectations and be successful.

There are so many concepts and facets to expectations that when you understand them it will totally change how you approach the massage with your client and you will wonder why you never learned all of this before.

This class is “the stuff” seasoned therapists understand about what creates success in massage but can’t always explain it to you. The years of information that are available to you in this class are priceless.

So then, what is the cost?

That depends on you and you have 2 choices. Do you want just the class? Or do you want the membership the class is in along with many other fabulous business tools?

The class is only $60 and is approved for 6 CE Hours. You can find it here at the link:

Massage Your Market 

The membership is $37 a month and includes other classes such as “How to Earn $60 a year at the massage table” and our “Referral Card System” to jump start your business. Sign up * Train * No Contracts. (PS. make sure to check out the 3 libraries of business training – they are wealth of knowledge at your fingertips – well, actually for your fingertips since you do massage!)

You can find this amazing membership here: Massage Business Methods Membership.

Do the absolute best thing for yourself. Spend a few hours and truly learn how to build your business differently starting TODAY.

See you in class!

Amy Radford, BCTMB

Owner PPS Seminars & Massage Business Methods

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