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2 Reasons Why “Old Techniques” Aren’t Working Anymore

Hi Everyone:

This week we are going to be discussing a pretty unique topic. It’s about old techniques vs. new techniques.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Many of the techniques you have learned and apply have been around for a long time. How can anything “new” replace the time and tested concepts in massage therapy that everyone learns? Is there anything “new” about the body that hasn’t been approached form at least 4 different directions over time already?

Well, rest assured, I’m not here to debate whether one technique is better than another. What I want to talk about is the outcome of using those techniques and see what you think. Let’s look at a couple of problems we all face in our practices and tie that in with “old techniques”.

Problem #1: The techniques that you are using don’t really create lasting change your client.

Regardless of what you have learned and practice, if your client leaves feeling good but later that day their pain or problems are back or they are good for 3 days and come back with the same pain, then whatever technique you are using aren’t truly helping.

• It’s especially frustrating when the same work you use DOES help several clients with their pain or problems but DOES NOT even make a “dent” for another group of clients with the same pain. Why?

Old or new, application, technique selection, and the way a clients’ body accepts the bodywork you do is a skill of itself. Unfortunately, it is one that most massage therapists must figure out on your own. (Not anymore!)

Problem #2: This work you love to do every day is hard and exhausting on you.

Let’s face it, being a Massage Therapist can be hard on YOU and your body. Ask yourself these questions:

• How long are you going to be able to do this work? • How can you increase your income if you are wearing down and need to decrease the amount of time the table? • How can you increase your value and charge more? • Is there a way to keep your hours the same while decreasing the wear and tear on you AND increasing your value to be more successful and charge more? • Is that an old technique you just haven’t learned yet OR is that a new technique you can learn to help yourself and your clients at the same time?

Solutions to these questions can be found! It is not necessarily in a new technique but how you apply the techniques you know differently. It is about how you find a new solution to old pain patterns.

Solution #1

One technique that is valuable for you to learn is how to treat the cause of pain and not the effects of pain. This is something we here at PPS Seminars call “Reverse Trigger Pointing”. It is how you can use a Trigger Point to tell you where to work – like a symptom – and not the cause of pain.

This is a new way to approach an old pattern. You can create lasting change in your clients by treating the cause – not the effect. In this case for Rhomboid or QL Trigger Points, the CAUSE is the IT Band, the EFFECT is the Trigger Points in those 2 areas.

Pain Patterns & Solutions Seminars teaches you where painful Trigger Points or muscle issues REALLY come from.

• The most powerful thing that this technique offers you is a NEW OPTION for those clients that are not responding to OLD techniques.

Solution #2

PPS Bodywork is so much easier on your hands and body because you learn to create dynamic change with far less pushing. But don’t just listen to my words. Let’s learn how to do them!

Join us for a FREE webinar on Monday, May 22, 2017 at 12:00 PM for “Lunch and Learn” where we talk more about new techniques and how you can be more successful at the table! We would love to have you there!

In this webinar, I will show you 2 videos on how to work MORE effectively with 2 of the most common Trigger Points you find with your clients:

• Rhomboid Trigger Points (shoulder-blade pain) • Quadratus Lumborum Trigger Points (low back pain)

To join in this great webinar RSVP at:

I want to see you succeed and do massage for many years. To do that, you must conserve your hands and body AND increase the value of what you do at the same time! Join our webinar and find out how you can help your clients and yourself.

RSVP at:

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