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1 (BIG) Way to Improve Your Pain Management Skills (P.S. it is not a massage technique)

A Universal Approach to Effective Pain Management – Using a Pain Scale in Massage Therapy!

Every massage therapist is trained differently and not one of us gives a massage the same way. We could have been taught by the same instructors in the same school and still do completely different bodywork!

And do you know what? We don’t have to be the same. However, we do need to be equally effective. Effectiveness in our industry could actually be considered a problem. There needs to be some sort of common ground in what we do, not only for our business to succeed, but so that the consumer can know what to expect.

* A comfortable consumer will purchase more massage services – It benefits everyone in our industry*

How can therapists be equally effective even with different massage techniques, styles, and applications not to mention beliefs and education?

The solution is to have a common feedback system that is universal.

When you define universal, some of the meanings are: • Comprehensively broad and versatile • Adapted or adjustable to meet varied requirements

Most successful therapists have learned over time to pull what they think they will need out of their “toolbox of techniques” and adjust or adapt what they have to the needs of the client.

I have a teaching tool that not only helps you select the skills to use and when to most effectively use them – but also shows you the why and how you adapt to change what you already do to fit your client. That teaching tool is learning how

to use a pain scale for massage.

Join us for our FREE Webinar Monday, July 31st, 2017 at 12:00 MST for our “Lunch and Learn” series where I show you how to easily incorporate the pain scale into your massage treatments to achieve more success with your chronic pain clients.

What you will learn is that there is an interpretation process that occurs when you use the pain scale that takes just a little bit of training to be able to more effectively use it with massage therapy.

Pain scales are widely used and accepted in the medical field as a way to subjectively “diagnose” pain people are experiencing from moment to moment or day to day. This information helps doctors and nurses to have a better approach to treatment needs for the patient.

Once you learn how to use this scale, adapted for the Massage Therapist, you will always use it because it can be a new “detective tool” of sorts for finding what massage approach works best for each client.

What you are trying to figure out is with the pain scale is:

• What works best for different pain areas for this client? • Did the massage work you selected to use work for this client and change their body in a positive way? (If not, it can teach you what to do!) • Did you correct and then undo what you corrected all in the same session? (Therapists actually do this all the time and don’t realize it) • And more…

Learn the simple and effective way to test the results of your massage applications and work to see if what you did in that hour really started your client on the path to healing.

We are looking forward to having you join PPS Seminars in this FREE Webinar!

Have a great day and get a massage!

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