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Align Essential Oils
(formerly PAINLess Essential Oils)

Specially blended oils for health & home-remedy pain management 

Align Essential Oils
PPS Home Remedy Massage 

Align Essential Oils

PPS Home Remedy Massage Techniques

How Our Application is Unique and EASY!

Our goal for you was to make the selection and use of these oils so simple that you were able to enhance your daily well-being.

We developed a pain identification and selection chart that matches the healing aspects of each oil. Using this chart, you can simply check off what you are feeling and each section of feelings or body pain matches up to a specific blend.

There are 6 categories and 6 blends, each color coded to match the colors on the oil lid. Under each category are 5 or more symptoms that you may be feeling. Simply check off the ones that match you and apply the coordinating oil.


Changing the Face of Pain since 2015

Aromatherapy has been a passion and hobby of mine since 1995. Of all the natural healing remedies available, this particular area resonated with me.  I have used aromatherapy in my home to help with everything from illness to sadness, and headaches to restlessness.


My belief is that essential oils can make a difference with a wide variety of emotions and physical ailments. I have observed the healing power of making small changes in the body that in turn help with creating opportunity for big changes to happen and I think essential oils create those small changes beautifully. 


I started to use my blends in my massage practice to help assist with positive change wherever the body needed it the most (oils have wisdom and I try not to get in the way of that wisdom!). As my career advanced into specifically pain management massage therapy, these blends became an essential resource that I went back to time and again for my clients.


The PAINLess line of oils was blended for one main purpose; to change the face of pain. I have learned that pain can be such an overlay of physical, mental, and emotional levels. I knew I could use massage to create change in the physical body, but sometimes I was limited because something emotional or mental needed addressed before the muscles would respond. I wanted to develop blends that could create small, positive change with "other" pain in order to for me to have the opportunity to create larger changes with the body at the massage table. 


Very naturally, my clients started requesting the blends to take home because they helped to maintain that positive change between appointments. I created a laminated board of pain symptoms (mind and body) for my clients to take home to be able to select and use these oils effectively for themselves. This allowed the PAINLess oils to match up very easily to many commonly experienced pain issues. My clients loved this approach! I have gone on to write a small manual about essential oils and these blends, along with application videos and charts as well. Now, I would very much like to share these positive, changing PAINLess oils with you.


The calming of the body, mind and soul can be amazing for all types of pain or painful emotions. I hope that you enjoy these oils as much in your life, and body, as I do.

Amy Bradley Radford​

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