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Massage Business Methods

Massage Business Methods: it is a business concept, the title of my blog, and also the name of online center for CE business classes and training! 

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Success at your fingertips!

Maximize Your Massage Business Video Libraries

Many of the topics I write about for Massage Magazine first came from these coaching call libraries. Maximize Your Massage Business Coaching Calls are a wealth of resources for running your business as a solopreneur. 

There are 3 libraries of topics each with 9 videos. This is the resource I wish that I would have had when I started out in business for myself! So many of the questions you have about running a business for yourself can be found in these libraries. These trainings are sold as a bundle - each video is between 25-55 minutes long. Check out the topics below. I am sure they are some of the things you really want to know and implement into your business!

MBM Business Management Video Library

  • How to Raise Your Prices

  • Make Your Schedule Work for Yo

  • ,Business RE-Planning

  • Building Systems Into Your Business for Success

  • Goals and the Bottom Line (Money Behavior)

  • Bookkeeping Basics

  • Point Of Sale Systems

  • Simplify Tracking and Maintaining Inventory

  • Inventory and Sales Tax.

MBM Business Motivation Video Library

  • The Power of the Invitation

  • Client Referral Incentives 

  • Create a $10 Add On to Your Services

  • Monthly Calendars and Planning 

  • How to Bring On a Mentee

  • How To Start a Community Class

  • Setting Up Holiday Gift Sales 

  • Content Calendars and Facebook Posting

  • Facebook Business Page Training

MBM Business Marketing Video Library

  • Motivation and Self Employment

  • Finding Your Balance in Business

  • Dealing with Self Employment Overwhelm

  • How to Coach Yourself in Business

  • Boundaries and Massage Therapy

  • How Charting Creates More Value in YOU

  • How to Communicate More Ethically 

  • How to Deal with Failure and Success

  • Heart Centered Ways to Deal with Hard Clients 

Do you want to become a mentor?

Have you thought about bringing on someone to help you in your business but want more ability to train the person while having them be an independent contractor? I have your solution


Welcome to the Mentorship Concept!


This course teaches you how to set up this type of working agreement within your practice and provides you with all the tools to help you create and implementing a mentorship opportunity into your business. All the forms and contracts for the mentoring are included.

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Massage Business Bootcamp!

Are you ready to create the massage business success of you have been dreaming of?

The Massage Business Bootcamp is your training for creating a referral system that works, understanding how to get repeat clientele, and managing your business - the right way! 

This bootcamp is comprised of 3 of my most popular, tried-and-true courses combined into a 10-hour course that will launch your business! 


You could complete this course in a weekend and start (re)building your business today!

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