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Being a successful massage business owner requires a unique blend of amazing massage skills and smart business management.

Everything I teach is about how to skillfully bring those 2 pieces together to create the massage business of your dreams.

(BONUS: And get your CE hours at the same time!)


Select Your Online Training Center

The content for PPS Seminars and Massage Business Methods can be found within 2 different websites. Each website is through Thinkific, an online education platform that allows you to maintain your certificates inside your account. No more scrambling to find your certificates - they can always be found in your account. We do recommend that you download them and save them in a secure location. 

If you wish to take classes in both training centers, its easy! Simply create an account using your email and password (you can use the same email and password for both if you want!) and you are ready to get your CE hours

Continuing Education Classes (CE)
*Currently available

PPS Techniques CE Hours

  • PPS Basics  - 8 CE Hours

  • PPS Immediate 1  - 16 CE Hours

  • PPS Intermediate 2 - 16 CE Hours

  • PPS Intermediate 3 - 16 CE Hours

  • PPS Certification Program - 74 CE

  • PPS Symptoms Classes 

  • PPS Pain Libraries

MBM Training CE Hours

  • Massage Your Market 6 CE Hours

  • Maximize Your Massage Business -  3 CE Hours

  • Referral Card Systems - 1 CE Hour

  • Business Topics Video Libraries

  • Chair Massage - 1 CE Hour

  • Aromatherapy - 3 CE Hours

  • Finding Your Why 

  • Business Plan Training

  • Mentorship Training

Ethics CE Hours
Inside the MBM Website

All 1 CE Hour Classes:

  • The Art of Talking

  • Boundaries and Time Management

  • Resolving Workplace Conflicts

  • Professional Relationships

  • Neutral Space and Client Care

  • Touch Interpretations

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